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We are known for our award-winning animated films, licensed character designs and sci-fi & fantasy illustrations for film & television, games, books, advertising and more.


Storyboard/ Moodboard


Sam Neill (Jurassic Park, Event Horizon) takes on the role of a revolutionary scientist turned cult leader in this pulse-pounding metaphysical sci-fi thriller by Andrew Goth (Gallowwalkers). Andrew asked us to help him communicate his vision using rough lines, comic-style noir tones, and a hint of futuristic technology.





Director Nico Grein’s idea for a Ferrari shortfilm caught the attention of vfx artists at nhb studios duesseldorf ready to make it happen. Art director Ronan-Wolf Chuat went through an array of concepts to define the initial exfoliation effect. The final result reads as a surreal drift of sandstorm and silhouettes, fire and force.




Key Storyboard


Socio-political satire and futuristic cautionary tale: The Frontier portrays the rise of an extreme right winged political party in Germany followed by the construction of a new wall. Thomas Kretschman (King Kong, Avengers: Age of Ultron) leads a German A-list cast in a dense thriller whose climax was originally conceived as an action packed rescue mission…



Illustration & Direction


Producers at Red Arrow International and Prosiebensat1 were looking for an animated companion to the 4th season of the acclaimed police drama. All 13 weekly episodes were illustrated and directed by Jean-Baptiste Chuat and won the Eyes and Ears Europe award in 2013. 




The two-part conspiracy thriller about the rise and fall of the famous Hindenburg zeppelin was designed as a history fiction and became a major international TV success. Producer Nico Hofmann asked us to depict many possible angles for the infernoesque finale.





The Ed Gein inspired movie series has produced so many iconic artworks, like the dead armadillo on the Highway, that I felt it would be great to have something that hopefully would fit into that canon. Only two or three elements, I thought, plus a little easter egg for the fans. A symbolic, character defining moment, touched by only a faint ray of light -- JB




Leatherface was directed by French Writer-Directors Alexandre Boustillon and Julien Maury (Inside, Livid). Without having the seen the movie prior to being commissioned, I thought I’d take the opportunity to think back about my childhood days in France where I used to read a lot of graphic novels and watching Japanese cartoons while drawing a lot. So this one became about line work and fierce blacks near popping reds as we see a dark destiny unfolding -- JB

  This title will be released on December 19, 2017.    Order now.

This title will be released on December 19, 2017.

Order now.

Death Machine

We were thrilled when Turbine Classics asked us to design a movie poster for Stephen Norrington’s (Blade) feature film debut Death Machine (1994) for its first time ever Blu-Ray release. The final Artwork marries traditional graphite drawing with digital painting reminiscent of late 70’s and 80’s movie posters that I inhaled growing up – JB

Johnny Mnemonic

Several sketches preceded the final silhouetted side view of Keanu Reeve’s pre-Matrix portrayal of Johnny Mnemonic (1995) in the dystopian sci-fi actioner based on William Gibson’s short story about mental data trading. The hero who’s eyes are obstructed by the VR Headset is blind for the world and reduced to the equivalent of a raw data drive. Meanwhile the universe inside his head is actively exploding and putting the hero back into researching his own humanity -- RW


Re-watching David Cronenberg’s signature sci-fi film several times in search of its essence was mandatory before sketching. We wanted something that would hopefully stand on its own feet, like the film does, and that would fuse its themes of love, belief and subsequent transformation. A somewhat classic religious scene that happens in the back of a rundown highway gas station -- JB/RW.


Character Design & Storyboard

A video observation of the Frankfurt airport accidently captures unexpected events. This sweet viral has quickly reached over 5 Million views on youtube! It needs to be seen in order to be believed.



Concept & Direction

The Cash Return on Investment process CROCI® helps investors and shareholders control their investments through in depth comparative market analyses. Director Ronan-Wolf Chuat and his team at Styleframe created a sharp and distinctive look to help the Deutsche Bank project the CROCI® Way into the future. 



Concept & Direction


Commerzbank provides its customers and employees with an interactive world of information using online seminars that allow conversations with financial experts in real time. Director Ronan-Wolf Chuat wanted this animated film to have a tactile and easy-to-grasp quality so its audience would feel instantly invited to join in.




Five time middleweight box champion Felix Sturm called for an entrance trailer for his fight against Giovanni Lorenzo in 2010. InkPulse provided all lines and characters for the animated shortfilm that premiered at the Lanxess arena in Cologne before a raving audience of 20.000 fans.




KB&B-The Kids Group was looking for a fresh batch of characters for tetesept’s new exciting shampoo for kids. We felt these little heroes should be imagined in a great fantasy universe and delivered rich detail and clear lines for instant readability.